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What is Naviance?

Naviance is a college and career readiness resource that helps students align their strengths and interests to post-secondary goals, improve their short- and long-term academic outcomes and connect learning to life. This resource is free to students and families and it provides personalized academic planning, self-discovery, career exploration, and college and career preparation.

What can you use Naviance for?

  • College searches - based on your criteria like size, location, cost, and majors. 
  • Career assessment tools - based on your strengths and interests
  • Transcripts - you are able to view when your transcript/application is sent to colleges.
  • Letters of Recommendation - Seniors will be able to see if their letters have been submitted.
  • And lots more!

Career Interest Profiler

Login to your Naviance account (see instructions below), click on Self-Discovery at the top of the page where you will find the Career Interest Profiler. You will spend about 15 minutes answering 60 questions about your interests. When finished, your results will identify careers that map to your traits and educational aspirations. You can then dig further to learn more about specific jobs, educational requirements, salary norms, etc.

Based on career interests, students may be invited to various events throughout the year.  Questions? Visit the Career and College Center for assistance.

How to login to your Naviance account:

Easiest - Start in your school gmail account, click on the waffle to find the Naviance (Na) icon. Click on it and you will be brought right to your Naviance homepage.


  • Start with this link provided on the Irondale webpage under Student Resources.
  • Choose Student (if asked which school, type in 55112 and choose Irondale High School)
  • Click on the 'Continue with Single Sign On' green button. You do NOT need to fill in email/password as long as you are logged into your school google account.

Naviance Student - Tour and Overview

Watch this video to learn about the key features and how to navigate in Naviance:

How to Request Transcripts

Watch this video to learn how to request transcripts for college applications, scholarships, and athletics:

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Requests

Ask your recommender in person or via email FIRST. When they say yes, enter the request into Naviance.

Watch this video to learn how to make letter of recommendation requests for specific colleges: